What We’re Playing Wednesdays

Can’t get enough of Elden Ring? How about a remaster of a 15 year-old PSP game? Whatever you’re into, we’ve got you covered: Here’s what we’re playing this week.

What we're playing Papaton

Tom – Lead Writer

Patapon Remastered

  • Playing on PS5 via backwards compatability

This week I’m pouring one out for a faithful friend: my old Samsung 1080p TV. A loyal servant from 2016 to 2022, it served up hundreds if not thousands of hours of quality entertainment. It is succeeded by a new midrange 4K model, my first entry into the world of ultra high-definition. And what was the first game I decide to play on it? Why, a remaster of a 15 year old PSP game, of course!

Let me explain. I first bought Patapon Remastered about four years, but sadly found myself unable to play it. This is a rhythm game, requiring you to hit buttons perfectly in time with music. The input lag on my old TV was simply debilitating, but my new screen’s fancy Game Mode has finally gotten rid of this issue.

You serve as a sort of deity to a tribe of small, eyeball shaped beings called Patapons. These little guys want nothing more than to wage war in your honour, but they need your help. Using the buttons on the controller, you call out various chants in order to command them; one chant makes your Patapons march forward, while another makes them attack. As you demolish enemies armies and conquer land, you pick up new weapons and armour to make your cute little Patapons even more deadly.

Missions tend only to take a few minutes at most, making Patapon a great game to jump in and out of quickly. This is probably the longest gap I’ve ever had between buying a game and actually playing it, but I’m having a great time, so the wait has at least been worth it.

What we're playing Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

  • Playing on PlayStation 5

I’ve also been continuing my adventures in Cyberpunk 2077 this week. I don’t have too much more to add to the conversation Joe and I had about it last week, but suffice to say that the game still has its hooks in me.

I’ve fallen into my familiar open world ways and largely ignored the main story. Instead, I’ve opted to take on as many side quests as I can. I’ll get back to the main narrative in time, but in games like this I always enjoy levelling up far beyond what a story mission requires and absolutely wrecking shop.

Whatever Cyberpunk’s past shortcomings, I’m really enjoying my time with it now. Having already sank 20 hours into the game, I’m looking forward to spending many more sill in the neon-drenched Night City.

Joe – Editor & Lead Writer

What we're playing Elden Ring

Elden Ring

  • Playing on PlayStation 5

Yes, this is the first Soulsborne game I’ve ever played. Yes, I bought it because of the hype. Yes, I’m getting my arse kicked. But you know what, I’m digging it!

My first couple of hours in Limgrave were spent cowering in fear of anything that got too close to me. I think I let Fromsoftware’s reputation get the better of me because when I eventually started to venture out, it wasn’t all that bad.

Okay, I died a lot, but each time I spawned back at a Site of Grace (checkpoints in the game) I’d gained two important things. Firstly, I knew which moves definitely did not work against the enemy. Secondly, I awoke in myself a dormant desire for sweet, sweet revenge. It wasn’t long until I beat my first mini-boss and almost sent my cat flying across the room as I jumped up and pumped the air with my fists.

I get it now. These fleeting moments of victory are worth a thousand ‘You Died’ screens. The art design is also really impressive. The golden tendrils of the Erdtree swirling against a navy sky makes me feels like I’ve stepped into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Unfortunately, the performance on PS5 is a little disappointing. Framerate drops are frequent (even on Performance Mode) although the developers are looking to address this in an upcoming patch.

I’ve got a long a way to go on my quest to become Elden Lord (I’m still yet to enter Stormveil Castle), but I’m going to take my time and learn as much as I can.

Pray for me, fellow tarnished.